The Provocative statement.

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Dreams are similar to a waste land
Where wishes and lost loves end and begin… We touch hands wandering about… hoping to walk into a sink hole
Or perhaps a Quicksand of some sort Something that pulls us in
Lost in some alternate reality where kisses are used in place of words and our conversations are endless run on sentences…no periods or commas even… With no need to come up for air…. we sustain each other… breathing in each other’s essence staring into each other’s eyes as if our souls were communicating… . These Dreams are so similar to a waste land… Where wishes and lost loves end and begin. I wake with you on my lips even though we no longer lay beside each other. If I could seal these eyes and sleep past the waking soft touches of the sun I’d wander about this waste land and bliss would usher me to and from loves eve and I’d follow shooting stars that have fallen from your hope filled eyes to this earths end


There’s no mystery
Only truth within the shadows
What man has gently tucked away
Desires, fears
Collapsing realities…
We fear not the darkness
But what man Has hidden there.

If something burns your soul with purpose and desire, it’s your duty to be reduced to ashes by it.

—Charles Bukowski  (via animalcrown)

(via larosanegrita)

Slave to many things
Would like to be free from most…
I’d rather be chained to your every


#Glenn Ligon

#Glenn Ligon

The Black Sea

I believe it’s the corner of her lips when they turn… upward
Casting out nets that fall into the bottom of my being
They drag across the depths of this Black Sea
Pulling up with them all in which I’ve discarded
And wished to have forgotten.

Remnants of all my weaknesses
Wants needs desires
They had settled in the midst of broken ships
And chariots of pharaohs and sunken treasures.

I now lay tangled within these nets
wishing for your smile to set behind the sky
So I could find my way back to the sea
Drown all these hopes of what your smile might suggest.