The Provocative statement.

all things that stimulate thought and imagination

Trust no more

Never mind my mistrust with love
It has Lied to me before

Hand had been held
Caressed and even kissed
Only for it to be left behind to catch tears

I’ve been a fool more than once
A sweet dream chaser
Who walked in his sleep

Awaken to only stand on the
Outskirts of paradise
Where swords spun
Threatening my entrance

Never mind my mistrust with love
I’ll be removing my heart
From up high
I’ll release it
Into Some deep Black Sea

Cold hearted bastard I’ll become
Smothering any flame
I’ll walk aimlessly in this darken place
Enjoying the presence of neglect
And Selfishness

Poison I’ll become to anything that
Resembles love
Rose or paper hearts
Will wither
At first glance

And I’ll smile with the most devilish grin when I whisper in your
Ear those three words
Longing for you to believe loves